icoon-netwerkverkenningNetwork survey
Survey of scientists with expertise on a current topic of interest.

icoon-factsheetScientific fact sheet The ‘state of knowledge’ in a particular field, (in the case of position papers including guiding recommendations).

icoon-ontbijtbijeenkomstBreakfast meeting
An informal get-together at which scientists and MPs discuss a current topic.

A short meeting about a significant scientific development with potentially high impact, relevant to multiple House Committees.

Scientists’ assessment of proposed policy Scientists’ assessment of policy and legislative proposals based on Section 3.1 of the Government Accounts Act.

Staff members of the Analysis and Research Department receive information about current scientific research on subjects that are relevant for the House of Representatives.

By way of illustration

During the 2022-2023 session of Parliament, 26 network surveys were conducted. There were 21 roundtable and other discussions on the topics of these surveys. A total of 18 scientific fact sheets were written covering 12 of the topics. Eight scientists’ assessments were completed or initiated and two breakfast meetings were held. The mini-symposium, on quantum technology, took place on 10 May.

New tools are regularly explored and trialled with the House of Representatives’ Analysis and Research Department.